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Introducing Scenes by Avalon - Make friends and meet people with similar interests.

Jump in to discussions on any topic. Find your scene here!

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This is your place to meet & hang out with like-minded people.
Find your scene and speak your mind!

3 Reasons Why You Should be on Scenes

1. Jump in to live voice-conversations on topics you’re passionate about. Find your scene.

2. Meet fun people who share the same interests and join a community that gets you.

3. Talk to your favourite influencers and content creators across India.
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Speak Your Mind
(only if you want to)

Jump-in and out of voice-rooms and choose whether you want to speak or if you want to listen. No pressure!

Find Topics You Care About

Use the "Explore" feature and find voice-rooms on topics you're passionate about; Marketing, Fitness, Code, Sales, Design, Science, Philosophy, Finance and anything under the sun!

Get Rewarded - a native, game-like experience!

Humans are driven by emotion and incentive. Communities already have emotion, but here comes incentive!

Earn Levels and Avacoins as you continue engaging with the community, and redeem them for exciting NFT based rewards that you can trade with other members on our community store, or give to a popular speaker in a public show of affection!

Inspired by the Steam gaming platform and powered by the provably fair blockchain, Peerplays!

Live Chat

Like an Instagram or a Youtube Live, express yourself to the hosts/speakers using the live chat. Ask questions, answer polls, laugh out loud and spam the chat!

Tune in

Join conversations about the nature of reality, time and space with Prakhar Gupta, Varun Mayya & Sid Warrier

Join a conversation where Sid and Elson talk about the universe, astronomy, time-travel, and more!

Watch out for creators from Avalon's very own influencer boot-camp. These are some of India's smartest and most passionate individuals from all walks of life talking about the things they care about

Upcoming Features

One-click Export to Podcasting Platforms

Enjoyed a conversation and want to preserve it for good? Room owners can link their Anchor or Spotify accounts and have their conversation uploaded and ready to go for later listening!

Connect your OBS live feeds!

Livestream classes, video conversations, funny videos, and absolutely anything under the sun using Open Broadcaster Software or Zoom directly to your room!

Miss Groovy and Rythm Bots?

Create and use Bots for the Scenes platform -- stream music from Youtube, conduct Polls, Quizzes and more, with an open Bot platform!

Availability on Web & Desktop

Many creators hate managing their communities from their phones. Expand your options with Web and Desktop apps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone start a voice room?

No. To ensure the quality of discussions, we're only allowing certain individuals who have attained "creator" status to host rooms. There are multiple ways of becoming a creator.

How do I become a creator?

Creator's on Scenes are responsible for leading conversations. It is for this reason that we award "creator" status to only those who have been able gather an audience. The two ways you can become a creator are:
1. Apply directly to our creator program: for existing influencers who have an audience on other social platforms
2. Spend time speaking and sharing your ideas on Scenes and gather 500 followers

Are the voice room sessions recorded?

To preserve the spontaneity and excitement of raw conversation, we currently do not record anything. However we are allowing creators to export recent conversations to podcasting websites as content, but that is set for a future release.

How does Scenes handle hate speech & trolls?

While Scenes wishes to ensure the sanctity of open conversation and free flowing speech, we understand that the internet can be a wild place. Moderation will take place within a room, and will be the responsibility of individual "creators" and their designated room moderators.

About Us

Avalon started out in 2017 as a small group of designers, developers and marketers who got together to build and share cool things with the world. With a little bit of sunshine, the right soil, water and loads of love, we grew into one of India's largest and most engaging educational communities on Discord.

Discord was great when we were small but we struggled at scaling.
We couldn't find a platform that met the community's needs.
So we decided to build our own.