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Hang out, make friends, have fun, and build the digital empire you've always wanted to -- with a social community platform that you'll love!

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The platform for digital cities

Build your digital tribe the way you want, with a powerful social community building platform!

Voice, video and chat

Enjoy crystal clear, low-latency voice, text and video chat. Whether it be for a casual conversation with your community or to host or take part in an event, we've got you covered.

The power of the giants

Want a forum channel? How about a calendar channel? A job board? Membership forms? A shop to sell roles and products?

Every feature a tech giant comes up with is yours to use:  a simple, no-code way to add a feature to your own community via our growing library of channel types!

Get discovered

Our mission is to not only help create the digital cities of the world, but also to help individuals discover communities and events that best fit their interest.

A natural side effect of this is that we give impactful communities plenty of organic exposure when they do events!

Moderate your city

Nobody likes trolls and fake accounts. We help communities thrive on a foundation of legitimate conversation between real, non-toxic people.

Community owners are given a full suite of moderation and permission based tools that help them keep the streets clean.

Don't forget the fun

We get too caught up in "value" that we forget that communities need to be fun too. The Scenes platform allows you to do cool things like spinning up a live Chessboard that can be spectated by hundreds of people.

We are also the first community platform to enable 2d virtual spaces, where you can walk around with your friends like you would in the real world!

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